Monday, June 11, 2012

Picture Perfect?

I've always thought my kiddos are awfully cute, but then again, what mother doesn't?  I even had a few friends ask me about Kate modeling as a baby.  We did not want to do that.  However, when JCPenny's portrait studio called this weekend to tell us that corporate really liked the pictures we had made (just for our family) and asked permission to be used as part of their promotional material, we did give them permission.

So if you happen to see a familiar face at your local photo studio, that is our Katie girl!  She is over the moon (I made her skirt, so it is kind special for me too).  Daddy is fretting.  And me, I'll be using that coupon they will give us when I sign the paperwork to get a set of pictures of the littles together.

These nice new photographs inspired me to actually get the frames out of the box and put them up on the wall--yard stick, hammer, fractions and all.

Disclaimer: JCPenny's didn't compensate me for this blog entry (they don't even know I have one!), but we will receive a credit for the use of Kate's picture.

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rocketmommy said...

That's so cool! And you do have some seriously cute kiddos. =)