Monday, June 25, 2012


The other day I took the littles to buy a second swim suit for each of them.  I've signed the girls up for swimming lessons in July and I thought it would be a good idea to have that extra one.  I hit upon a good sale and was able to get them all covered for $25, tax and all, not bad.

I was a good Mama, despite the very hot temperatures we've been having, I hauled out the little play sprinkler we have for them to play with and let them run through the sprayer in their new swimsuits.

And I'm so glad I did, even if I roasted.  Here's why...

Yep, Miss Kate will be missing out on the water fun the rest of the summer.

She missed her gymnastics class this week because the dentist office recommended we reschedule, so we did.  We took her on Thursday night instead.  We had plans to visit some friends for the weekend, so I stayed home to work on packing and Justin took the gal to her make-up class.

At eight, just as the class should be ending, I heard a knock on the front door.  I thought a neighbor was letting me know that Nate was standing in the window, or some such thing.  Instead, I found Justin on the front porch.  Kate broke her elbow and she wanted me to take her to the hospital.

It seems that Kate has inherited my sense of grace.  The child, who does some pretty impressive things on the high bar, didn't fall from there.  She didn't tumble off the balance beam.  Nope, she was running and tripped over her feet.  She was heading for the spring board, but wasn't there yet.  She straight armed in the fall and turned a somersault or two.  She told me, "I thought she was dreaming, and then I screamed."

A couple of minutes after we walked in to the ER, a father and his 13 year old son came through, also with an elbow injury.  They were a funny set as we walked down the hall together, one nurse stopped and asked if we were all together, the boy in his soccer jersey and Kate in her leotard.  Someone teasingly asked if they had been in a fight.

The people in the ER were wonderful.  She was treated very quickly.  X-rays, splint, and all in what must have been about an hour, as I look back at what time I left the house and when we got back to the van.  She was such a little trooper.  The x-ray was the hardest part, since the tech needed it to be as straight as possible (about 90 degrees was the best we could do) for the pictures.  The lady who brought the ibuprofen was impressed when she asked how Kate was doing and instead of a whining complaint heard, "Alright."  The man who splinted her arm got her a popsicle for doing a great job.  As for the other kid, he needed a splint and he will be as good as new.

She got sick in the night, we assume from the trauma since it hasn't persisted.  Poor child had to have my shirt that she was sleeping in cut off of her and dumped in the tub at two in the morning, groggy, sore, and nauseous.

She will have to see an orthopedist tomorrow to see what will be next.  I'm hoping for a simple cast and expecting pins, so I can be relieved if she doesn't need them.  The only complaint she has is getting dressed.  It isn't easy to dress when your arm is twice as big (with bandages and all) and can't be straightened.

I'm seeing a couple of extra pillow case dresses in her future.


rocketmommy said...

Brave girl! I really hope she'll be alright. Poor thing. =(

KentuckyGam said...

Love the 1st & last pictures, but she just looks so pitiful in the middle picture...just want to reach out and hug her!!