Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am constantly surprised by how much Nate takes things that were so difficult with the girls and deals with them as though they are no big deal.  We had to bribe Kate to walk, the girls took a long time to potty train, and we had lots of cup training.  None of that has been true with Nate.

He bit through one of his sippy cup straws, so he's been using an open water cup (with small amounts of water to start) with almost no spills since Saturday.

Also on Saturday when I put Nate down for a nap he was sad because the girls were out with their Daddy (They went shopping, no worries he got to make a trip to the hardware store on Monday.).  I put him on the big bed in his room and I was singing to him.  He had cheered up until I moved to put him in the crib.  I sighed and asked if he wanted to sleep in the big bed.  Of course, by the time the girls were his age they had been out of the crib for a long time (after all there there was already a six month old baby by the time they were his age and we always made the change ahead of the birth).

I had kept him in the crib because, lets face it, it is easier to keep a kid in bed, if they can't get up.  Since the girls were both notorious for getting up...well, I wasn't in a rush to try it again.  I had joked he could stay in the crib until he learned to climb out or went off to college, which ever came first.

I left his door cracked a tiny bit so I could check on him.  I saw his sitting up, but he never got out of the bed that I saw.  At this point he's napped there once and slept through two nights.

We're fast saying good-bye to diapers, sippy cups, and the crib.  My little boy is growing up entirely too fast!

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