Thursday, June 14, 2012


I took Miss Kate with me to the eye doctor the other day.

I have horrible vision and Justin wears glasses too.  She had her vision checked at the regular doctor's office 18 months or so ago for her before kindergarten physical, but knowing the issues I've had with my vision and that schools have nifty little vision checks that she isn't a part of, we opted to take her now.

The doctor found that she is a bit farsighted, but didn't think she needed glasses just yet.  I could tell she was torn between relief that she didn't need them and disappointment that she didn't get to pick out frames.

I, on the other hand, did get to pick some new frames.  My old ones were quite old, as I had been using glasses only as a back up to my contacts until the past year.

Here are my new specs, photo courtesy of Gabriella!

I have to have my lenses thinned to make the glasses wearable--they are too thick (and heavy) otherwise.  The person who worked on them did a great job.  That is (of course) Kate dancing in the background.

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rocketmommy said...

That's cute that she was kind of disappointed. My oldest (4) got glasses in February. Unfortunately, she didn't have any choice in the frames. There was only one kind that small. But she did get them in pink and blue.

I love your new frames, I think they look great!

PS we still haven't closed on our house. Can you believe it?