Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ah, life with a four year old. Kate's birthday was a little rocky in the afternoon. She refused a nap, after getting up early and staying up a bit late the night before. She was grumpy and into everything. You've got to love when your child tells you on her birthday, "I want to run away from this family. I want a family that won't punish me." and "It's my special day you can't punish me!"

Thankfully the day did eventually get better. We took the girls to play at a park before I came home and made her birthday dinner. We had pasta and salad, per her request, with a couple of friends, who really brightened her day.

She chose a white cake this year, and I decorated it to look like a gymnastics floor.

Then there were all the presents.

She was quite excited about all of her gifts. Her grandparents on both sides sent packages for her to open, along with her aunt. She got to stay up late to play her new games.

Align CenterDon't Break the Ice


I won at Candyland and Kate came in second. Gabby enjoyed pulling cards too. She could tell us all the colors. I was glad she got to play too.

In Kansas children can switch to a booster seat at 4, which is good, since Kate was getting too tall for her car seat. We put in her new seat this weekend. Her "nightmare" Sunday night was that we forgot about her booster seat and we were going to make her sit in the car seat again. I had a hard time not laughing at her. It took quite awhile to get her settled back down so I could go back to bed.

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ann said...

I think it's cute how she struggles to hold four fingers up.