Monday, September 14, 2009

A Parade and a Fair

I took the girls to a local parade this weekend. Kate really enjoyed it. Gabby, well, she wanted to be held the entire time. That's a lot of holding without an extra set of hands! She also wanted to walk the mile from where we parked, until we got far enough from the van that I didn't want to go back, not to mention that a stroller was sort of out of the question, since I knew that then I would have to keep track of it and the two munchkins all at the same time. So I carried her.

This huge flag was hung between two fire engines extended ladders at the beginning of the parade route.

We saw quite a few marching bands. Kate was quite impressed by the girls from one of the local gymnastics schools (not the one she's attending) that were doing flips and walking on their hands. Their were also lots of people handing out candy. I made Kate stay with me most of the time, but she did manage to procure two suckers. Gabby's favorite was the Chick-Fil-A cows though.

Watching right before we left.

After nearly two hours the parade wasn't over, but I was, so we walked (well Kate and I did) back to the van.

I had also promised to visit the associated fair, so I went back that afternoon (when I could park close by) and I put Gabby in the stroller for that part of our trip. I bought the girls each a pretty pink hair tie for playing dress up with and a Christmas present for my mom. The girls were given free popcorn and balloons and we got a funnel cake because Kate was quite excited about them. The afternoon was much more relaxing!

Eating popcorn.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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