Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Skills - Kate Decorates

This summer each of the girls has chosen a skill to work on.

Kate picked cake decorating.  I didn't happen to take a picture of the first cake we worked on together, but I did get the next two!

We went to visit my parents for Father's Day.  Since we hadn't seen my mom on Mother's Day we made a combined cake.  On half I drew the outline of a vase and placed roses (one of the skills one would learn later in cake decorating).  On the other side I outlined a tie.

Katie filled in the outlines with different tips, drew the stems, leaves, made her first attempt at writing on a cake, and did the edges with a little assistance.

I think it turned out quite well!

The next week I mentioned a gal from our small group at church was having a birthday.  After confirming we would see her that evening, Kate set to work on a cake for her.

I helped mix up the icing for her and gave advice.  I helped squeeze the bag as she lettered "Happy", but by the time we got to "Birthday" her hand was tired of the constant steady squeezing required, so I helped more on that word.  I did very little else, aside from the bottom on the sides with the handles--a tight place to work.

Kate and Ellie with our friend

She really enjoyed doing something special for someone.  Our friend felt special because she was thought of too.  Well that, and because Ellie lets her hold her!

I can't wait to see how Kate's skills blossom as she grows in strength and dexterity and with practice.  I sure wasn't decorating cakes at her age!

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