Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gabby's Pottery Date

As anyone with more than two kids can probably tell you, getting one on one time with littles can be a bit of a challenge.  You get used to doing things 'all together.'  We've tried to be sure that we take the kids out for one on one treats from time to time, but it is generally some little outing for ice cream or the like.

With Ellie being small, but quite active at this stage, we decided that we wanted the older kids to get to do something that we couldn't do with Ellie.  Each of them gets to pick his or her own activity.  Last week I took Gabby to a place to paint pottery.  It is funny.  She's always been more quiet than Kate, but without any siblings around to bounce off of (or annoy) she worked in nearly perfect silence other than requesting more paint.

We had a nice quiet afternoon.  We were able to pick up our goodies this week.  She made a tea cup, though she tells me she'd prefer to have hot chocolate or milk in it, and I made a tea cup/pot combo.

It was a fun time for both of us.

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