Monday, June 2, 2014

All Mine

If you talk to any mother with more than two children (and probably those with one and two hear things too), she can probably tell you that some people have a need to comment on the number of children you have.  I often hear, "Oh my, you have your hands full."  This is nearly always said when the children are all behaving, as most people steer clear of us if someone is having difficulty.  Honestly they are, generally, quite good when we're out.  They have to be, or we could never leave the house!  I also hear, "Look at all your helpers today!"  That one I don't mind.

We get comments on how Nate, being the only boy, must have it tough.  And in some ways he does, but his wife...she'll be set!  And he is an awesome little fellow--all boy, but he gets to hang out with the girls and their friends too.

I've even had the, "Are they all yours?" a handful of times.  Last week though, after being asked, "Are they all yours?"  The dumbfounded clerk, whose line we've been through quite a few times, actually asked incredulously, "Really?"

Yes, they are all my wonderful, loud, messy, sweet, joyous, difficult, amazing gifts.  I am so glad that they are mine.  All of them.

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