Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swing Set

When I was a little girl, my Daddy built a swing set for my sister and me to play on.  We spent a lot of hours on it--two swings, a tire swing, trapeze bar, and a set of monkey bars.  It also had a balance beam next to it.  We made a little obstical course out of it.  Across the beam, up on to the tire swing (without touching the ground), across the step for the monkey bars, and onto the trapeze bar, where we would flip over.  I remember growing too tall to set the trapeze bar so that I could sit on it and flip without hitting my head one way or the other.

When it became clear that Kate was out growing our metal A frame swing set, I had my old swing in mind.

Justin and I opted for a web swing in place of the old tire swing, and we'll still have a baby swing up for Ellie, but for the most part, it is my old swing set.  We added an extra post to stabilize the bar for the web swing too, since it is made to hold up to three children.

Holly, want to come swing?

Or we could just play in the mud...

Thanks for all your (hot) hard work, Justin.

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