Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Up Next...

For next year, we're simplifying a bit.  We'll hit all the major subjects, but I'm dropping a few of the extras we've been doing like Latin and health.  We, of course, cover health daily as we choose proper foods to eat and care for the children, so we figure a year off won't be detrimental, and we'll likely listen to our Latin CD over the next year--Nate asks for "Salve" all the time anyway, but I wanted to pick a really do-able set of subjects for us.

Here are the books and supplies we've collected so far, though I have more on order:

We buy used as much as we can, but we haven't been able to find everything that way.

Together the girls will be in The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 3: Early Modern Times and The Story of the World Activity Book Three: Early Modern Times for history. I also picked up passports and stickers.  When we cover different countries, we can 'stamp' the passports.  Kate also gets her first timeline. The stickers for this are on back order, but are expected soon.  I think she has the skill now to record information about the things she learns in chronological order.

The girls will also being using the Noeo Chemistry I curriculum   This is much like the way I've done science in previous years, with lost of 'real' books.  This time someone else lined it all up for me though!  They do sell full sets, but I've found some of the books used, so I'm just ordering the curriculum guide there and picking up books here and there, wherever I can find the best prices.

Both girls are also using the same art, Rod and Staff's Developing Motor Skills in Art.  This one is graded 1st/2nd grade, but Kate could use the practice in these skills too, so I opted to buy the same set for them both.

Both girls are also learning the catechism (along with Nate, as best he can with Training Hearts Teaching Minds (Shorter Catechism).

The girls will each be in their respective grades in Singapore's Primary Mathematics.  Kate has already begun her third grade books and Gabby just started in the 1A book this week.  I've been very pleased with the math education Kate has gotten with the Singapore books.

Since we're dropping Latin this coming year we're upping Kate's other language arts.  She will continue in Spelling Power, Writing with Ease (book 3 this year), Wordly Wise , and the McGuffey Readers.  We have backed off on the frequency of the readers use, as she moved through them so quickly and she reads so much on her own.  Reading is not something she needs encouragement to do!  We are adding Editor and Chief this year.  I'm excited about this one.  It teaches grammar by having the student edit writings--perfect for the kid who doesn't really like writing and has a good bit in her other classes.  She's also asking to learn cursive, so I got her a really neat writing course called Pictures in Cursive A (Daily Cursive Writing Instruction Based on Picture Study Lessons) .  It has short little lessons that will get her started in cursive without adding too much, since we write a great deal in the Writing with Ease program.

Gabriella will be using Building Spelling, Writing with Ease (book 1), and McGuffey Readers this year.

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Jo-Anne said...

I love how you work your curriculum! I think you are absolutely right, they are learning Health everyday and my favourite part is that they can do a lot of the things together. I always love hearing how you work your curriculum. Very cool!