Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Astronomy Labs

Justin was off on Thursday and Friday.  I debated giving the kids the days off, but instead we made those days lab days.  It is hard to do labs with three littles all wanting to help at once.  This way Justin or I could play interference.

On Thursday we managed to build a model of Mercury,

while Nate played with Play-Doh.

We practiced 'radar' like astronomers used to study the surface of Venus, and we built a model of Olympus Mons.

We looked at the sizes of the planets to scale and then walked out the distances of the first four planets and the astroid belt at that scale.

Our son, holding the sun, kept moving.

On Friday we ventured off to see the space area of the Adventure Science Center.  It was a popular idea, but that area was actually not too difficult to get through.

We came home and set off Olympus Mons, which was now dry enough to handle the spewing.

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