Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebration of Holy Week

I hope your family had a joyous Easter.

We read through Holy Week with Palm Sunday, and the money changers early in the week.

On Thursday we celebrated Passover.  It doesn't fit with the actual Passover, but I like to do Thursday, since we line it up with the next day being Good Friday.

Friday we wrapped up our stand in for Jesus and placed it in our 'tomb.'  I mentioned in a few years when Nate had some warrior toys we could use them as guards and within a few seconds children were scampering for regular Duplo men to stand guard.

On Sunday the girls and I made our early morning trip to find the empty tomb with spices and perfume.  The guards were passed out, of course, and the burial cloth neatly folded.  Then we woke the men.

We made cinnamon rolls with marshmallows inside.  Once baked the marshmallow is 'gone' and the tomb is empty.

I also made our carrot cake an empty tomb.

Gabby is 5 and Kate is 7, but this is the first year one of them came home from church asking about the Easter Bunny.  I pointed out that they got baskets of goodies and eggs to hunt.  I asked if she missed out on anything and she said, "No, " but I'm not sure she was convinced.

Some friends from church invited us over for the afternoon.  We ate, chatted, and played Spoons.  It was a lovely Easter.

And today we'll get the ham that was put off because we made the trip over to those friends, never-mind I forgot to put it in the crock-pot before we went to church.

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