Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Funny

You know that section at the beginning of Tom Sawyer, when Tom convinces another kid that whitewashing a fence is a privilege?  Then the kid not only does the white washing, but pays him for the opportunity.

I felt like Tom was in my school room yesterday.  I gave Kate a couple of pages to do in astronomy, one of which was a crossword puzzle.  Kate isn't a fan of these puzzles.  They require some patience, proper spelling, and neat handwriting to work.  I left her to it and was working on dinner.

Then I hear, "Gabby, don't you want to come help with this?  They are so much fun!"

Gabby came out for a few minutes, but pretty soon, smarter than Tom's mark, she left Kate to the work.

I can only wonder what is to come!

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