Thursday, April 26, 2012

I hope your week is going well.  It is spring cleaning week around here, so I've been a busy Mama.  I've washed windows and curtains, scrubbed toilets and floors, laundered blankets and pillows, and done my annual dusting.  Oh, you're supposed to do it more often than that?  Oops.

I am big on clean bathrooms and kitchens.  I clean the floors regularly.  Unfortunately dust and clutter don't really faze me.  And while I do dust more than once a year, it is definitely not every week!  So this week I'm doing some of those things that get put off and pushed aside.  And then there is the dumping ground: our bedroom is the dumping stop for confiscated things, all things in need of repair, and clothes outgrown.

The littles think it is grand fun.  Windows without curtains are great for looking out of, laundry is fun to toss in, it is fun to 'clean' with damp rags, and Mama sure is funny carrying all those things from one room to another.

I got my nifty pop-up book in the mail this week.  I'll have to tell you all about that and my latest used book sale soon, but for now I'm off to make some lunch for my munchkins and then head back to clean!

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KentuckyGam said...

I'm don't understand why clutter and dust don't bother mother couldn't stand dust and I can't stand clutter. I would have thought you would have gotten some of those "clean" genes!! ;-)