Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Funnies

We've been enjoying the beautiful spring weather by being outside more, which the little man loves.

As we were outside the other day, he looked up and saw a couple of airplanes.

"I can't reach it in da sky, " he told me reaching his arms to the heavens. Then he looked at me resolutely and stated, "I need a stool."

After we came in, he told me, "There's a sandcastle in my shoe!"

I hope you're enjoying a sunny, lovely Friday the 13th too. I've decided they aren't so much bad luck after all, since a Friday the 13th brought me a funny little boy!


rocketmommy said...

That's so sweet! =)

KentuckyGam said...

Get that boy a stool so he can reach up in the sky!!