Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Days Like This

Some days are just so bad you have to laugh.

I loaded up my little crew and drove downtown, not a short drive for us these days, to register a car at the DMV, just to be told I have to have another form filled out. I stopped by the Golden Arches to pick up a soda to soothe my stomach that has been a tad sour since Gabby's ickiness the other night.

I drove home, where I managed to knock some furnace filters off the shelf (they were hanging off a little bit because I'd been raiding the shelves for Easter goodies). Those landed between the tires. I had to open both sliding doors of the van, so I could lean across my starving children to retrieve the filters (that our house requires three of !?! at a time). I placed them all the way on the shelf this time.

I parked the van, unloaded the children. I was holding a stack of DMV papers, my purse, a soda, and trying to work the handle on the sliding door when the cup fell from my hand. The thing did not just dump, no the bottom burst out and there is now an entire soda on the floor of my garage, my jeans, and (thankfully) my flip flops.

While I was using half a roll of paper towels to sort of clean up the mess, Gabby comes to the door and announces that she broke a tooth. No, she didn't fall. No one pushed her. She just got so mad that Kate was in 'her' chair that she gritted her teeth together and broke it. Before I got up the stairs, Gabby handed off the tooth piece and Kate 'lost' it. After looking at her tooth, it is a tiny chip, but still!

I'm hoping for a more peaceful day today, but it started with spilling bleach on my clothes, so maybe I shouldn't hold my breath!

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