Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm free!

Okay, I guess that could be taken the wrong way if you knew my in-laws just left, but that's not what I meant (We had a nice little visit.). I've been seeing an ophthalmologist since March because eye that wasn't taking treatment well from my regular GP. I know, lame, but at least it wasn't the amoeba I was referred for fear of! Anyway. He tells me that the inflammation that the little infection left me with has finally all subsided, and he is releasing me on my own recognizance to an optometrist. Great news.

The only real down part is that he recommends that I only use glasses or daily wear (wear one day and then toss them) lenses. Those my well be out of my price range, even with our vision insurance, so we'll see. He said that I could also do surgery, but I'm not really up for that one, nor is it in the budget either. At the very least, I can get myself a pair of back up glasses for the day when this pair gets broken. And I no longer have to put drops in my eye. Free!

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rocketmommy said...

Ohmygosh, I didn't know that was still bothering you. I'm definitely glad it's well on the way to finally clearing all up and I hope one of the choices will work out. I'm glad you're 'free' =)