Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

There aren't any loose teeth in the house, but the tooth fairy is back.

* * * * *

Kate: I can't fly today.

Me: Really, why?

Kate: Its a rule. If tooth fairies fly during the day, then they can't fly for 11 weeks!

* * * * *

Kate: I used to live in Pennsylvania.

Me: Oh?

Kate: Yeah. I had to go there as a tooth fairy, and it was really far away, so I spent the night, like, eleven times.


KentuckyGam said...

Pennsylvania?? Where did that one come from?

Kristy said...

It is Kate…it came out of the clear blue sky. They sang a song about states and capitols at the library last year, so she’s heard them all, but there was no context for it lately.