Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making it Fun

I try to be a practical person for the most part. Why buy a new car, when a used one does just as well without the sticker shock? The same applies to name brand products for the most part. Sure there are certain things that really are better and I'm all for purchasing, say name brand tub cleaner if you find it works better than the generic, but who cares if my t-shirt says 'Hanes' on the label, so long as it fits and lasts as well.

Kate hasn't been thrilled with the idea of back to school. She tells me, "It cuts in to my play time." Ha! Mine too girlie! I'm trying to find out what parts of it are the most distasteful and work around them where I can. She tells me that she doesn't like to write because it hurts her hand. Of course, then she spent much of the time with my in-laws scribbling out rules for her own classroom (she's really strict by the way), holding a pen much longer than I ever require, but anyway! Since writing is a pretty necessary skill, I'm trying to find ways to make it less like work and more like fun.

I saw these for sale at Target and I had to buy a couple. They are black on one side and white on the other. The gray at the edges keeps the boards from sliding on the table.

They come with the *washable* dry erase crayons and the cleaning cloth.

Sure, paper is less expensive, but sometimes you need a little something fun to mix in with the tedious. They remind me of old fashioned slates without the chalk dust, and of course with the fun of the bright crayons.

Instead of practicing her spelling on paper, she gets to do it on the board. The novelty may wear off, but her only complaint so far was when I asked her to rewrite a misformed letter.

Gabby got to practice some letter writing too and Nate threw crayons in the floor for me to pick up...several times.

** Not an advertisement, just a fun find. **

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KentuckyGam said...

And what better name could there be to have on your shirt??