Friday, August 19, 2011

Other Days

There are days that go off without a hitch...and then there are those other days...

Days that start with your husband puking at 3 AM. So you're running for crackers and rags and water and glucose monitors (maybe that last one is just me!). Days that as soon as you drift off to sleep after he's finally sleeping peacefully again you hear your daughter screaming. You run in expecting to be up the rest of the night with her, only to find out that she is screaming because she wants her 'widdle wamb.' The same one she said she didn't want when you tucked her in last night. Thankful that she's fine, you still grumble that she got you up.

Morning time for coffee. Stumble through lessons with Kate crying she doesn't know how to read the word afraid though she had no trouble with between or workbasket, Gabby is crying that Nate took a toy, and Nate crying that he can't have all the school supplies.

Make it through to lunch. I'll splurge and make the processed cheese mac--no one will complain about that at least. Cook it all up, go to shake down the powder in the packet that vaguely resembles cheese, and the package tears open and flies across the kitchen, covering the floor in powdered cheese. Sigh, mix up what was left in the package to make something resembling macaroni and cheese. Sweep up the floor, shake out the rug.

Be grateful that it isn't any worse, that everyone made it through fine, and that it is rest time. Hope for good rest time and a better afternoon!

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rocketmommy said...

Ugh! That does not sound like a fun morning. Here's hoping for an amazing afternoon to balance the day out. =)