Thursday, May 15, 2014

Play Time

The girls were so lucky to get to be in a production of Beauty & the Beast with other local home schoolers (They were kindergarteners to 12th grade--the fellow playing the Beast actually left the final production just in time to head off to his graduation!).  It was fun for them as they practiced, and they did a great job performing.  It was particularly fitting for this to be their first show, since I took them to see it, as their first show four years ago!


My gals were town children and enchanted napkins, so no large parts to study for.  It was a fun introduction to musical theater.

waving to cars at Chick-Fil-a on a publicity night, in costume, left to right (R, Gabby, and Kate)

leaving stage together, Gabby to the left and Kate is the third napkin from the right

We drove a ways for practices, so Nate, Ellie, and I spent some time in a different part of town.  We often grocery shopped, when the weather was cool enough to not spoil our food; we frequented a Starbucks; we visited a lake; and we spent time chatting in the van while we waited.

I thought Nate was a really good sport, all things told.  He often wanted to stay home and play, when we were running off to rehearsal.  Thankfully he tended to cheer up once we got out of the house.  I showered him with plenty of praise for his goodwill towards the girls and the occasional cookie with Mama's coffee didn't hurt.

He was so excited for them to do the production and he was so proud of them too.
Even Ellie was impressed (here with my Daddy & Mama).

 Our little brood with Lumiere, the Beast/Prince, and Belle

The girls were so sad to see the play end, but they have great memories, and perhaps we'll join the cast again next year for a different show.

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Bonnie said...

Sorry I haven't commented much lately. I really do enjoy your blog, getting to read your stories and see pictures of everyone.
I know it was a lot of extra work for you to let the girls be in the play, but it was sooooo worth it to them and also to us since we got to come and see it!!