Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Time

Our days are busy with wrapping up school books; practice, practice, practice; and living life.  On Friday though, the big girlies had a long practice, so we dropped them off and actually came all the way back home.  Nate, Ellie, and I threw a frisbee in the back yard (Okay, Nate and I threw a frisbee while I carried the baby on my hip) until I managed to get it stuck in the honeysuckle growing amongst the trees.  The baby got to slide down our little slide, which she fussed for every time I caught her and swooped her up to the sky.  It was a beautiful day.  It is a beautiful memory.

Our garden is going in bit by bit.  Our strawberries are a mix of blooms and green berries, and our tomato plants are in the ground and have cages and stakes at the ready.  We have nice neat hills ready for our squash, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, and whatever else Justin has picked out this year.

My rose bush is starting to bloom and the elderberry bush has taken off enough that we might actually get berries from it this year.  I made a little herb garden indoors to start it early before the threat of frost was past.  I took it out to get more direct sun, but when I went to fetch it something had taken the dill plant, roots and all.  I suppose we'll have to try to plant this one over again!  Our garden seems to have several predators--between rabbits, birds, and perhaps some racoons (though we haven't had trouble with them lately)--so hopefully we can grow enough for all of us this year!

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