Friday, May 23, 2014

Mom's Night Out

I don't get out much without the little people, so it has to be something good to get me out in the evenings.

A group of mom's from our playgroup got together last night though.  I skipped the dinner, but joined them for the movie Mom's Night Out.  I've heard that the critics panned it.  Oh well, I often disagree with the critics, so maybe that's why I liked it.

It was funny and so many of the facets of the lead character's life were so relatable...mama, blogger, home schooler.  It was a lot of fun.  It was also one that I can show my kids some day--there was no husband bashing and no disrespect of the children.  In the end everyone rises to the challenges put before them.  It was a joy to watch.  Oh, and if you go, stay through the credits--there were some snippets at the end.


*I wasn't compensated to review the movie and purchased my own ticket.  I just wanted to pass it on to others who might enjoy a good laugh!

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