Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter at our house begins quite early.  The night before the girls pick out spices and perfume to anoint the figure we use to represent Jesus.  (We build a tomb--this year it was all Lego--wrap Jesus in cloth, and place him there on Friday afternoon.)  I go to the girls at dawn or before and we head down to the tomb, to find the tomb open, guards fainted, and Jesus missing.  Then we wake the men, who come to see for themselves.

Justin reads the Easter account and then we do Easter baskets and breakfast.  This year the bigger kids all got a little candy.  Kate, Gabby, and Ellie got new shoes.  Nate had just gotten a pair of shoes two weeks ago, so he got sunglasses.

Since everyone has fall birthdays in our house, except Justin, we give them one gift at Easter.  Sometimes it is a Bible if they are ready for a new version, but this year we got the big girls pearl earrings.  Nate, who loves sports, got a 'real' (peewee league) football.  Little Elliana received a baby doll.  She had been loving on Gabby's dolls from time to time, but we knew she needed her own.  We got her a baby Belle doll, since the big girls are preforming in Beauty and the Beast this spring (and Gabby didn't own this doll!).

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Bonnie said...

I was hoping for a picture of the tomb!