Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All Together Again

For the very first time Justin took some of the children and left the house for an overnight trip.  He took Kate and Gabby to camp in a nearby state park.

Ellie, Nate, and I stayed busy playing, having dinner, and they took a bath together.  Then I got everyone off to bed.  That was when it got very, very quiet.

I've never lived alone.  Ever.  I lived at home until I got a dorm room at 19.  In the dorm there were many people around all the time.  I lived on the same floor as several girls I knew from the Wesley Foundation, and I had a room mate.  I moved back home for a month after my sophomore year of dorm life and then I moved into an apartment with Justin after returning from our honeymoon.  He rarely travels for work, so I am almost never home without him.

It was so odd to know half of our family wasn't under the roof.  I tackled the girls' room to give me something to do.  I made their beds up freshly, pulled out ill fitting clothes from the drawers as I carefully folded and placed the clothes in nice neat stacks.  I matched mix-matched socks.  I pulled odds and ends out from under the dresser and their beds.  I placed these items on their beds to be put away when they arrived home the next afternoon.  Next I tackled the kids bathroom.  I scrubbed the walls, the vanity, and wiped it all down.  Finally, I climbed into bed with a book.  I knew it would be hard to sleep, but since it was nearly 11:00, I thought I might be able to fall asleep soon.

Suddenly the phone rings.  At that hour, it is either a wrong number or something is wrong.  Something was wrong, but thankfully not a big deal.  Justin called saying they were not able to sleep because it was too cold, so they were heading home.  I went to clear off the girls' beds and turn on a few lights for them.  Once they got camp broken, they called to let me know they were on the way.  I was able to tuck in the girls and kiss them good night.

It made for an awfully short night, but I was glad to have them home safe and sound.  And I'm sure I slept more soundly with Justin home than I would have.

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