Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Months

Ellie-Bellie is 7 months old!  In the last month she exchanged her gummy grin for two tiny teeth.

 She learned to push herself to sitting the same day she got a tooth, and the next day she took off in a move that some might call crawling.

She has since started to actually crawl, instead of inch worm.  She has made blowing bubbles an art form.

She got her first baby doll for Easter.

 She discovered books

 and grass.

It's been a big month.  We love the sweet, active, curious, little gal.  She's keeping us on our toes these days.  I haven't quite decided if it is easier having all the big siblings at this stage.  They are helpful to keep her entertained and alert me when she's getting into things, but they also are good at leaving out things for her to get into.

Regardless of which is easier, they all adore her and she loves them too.  It is so fun to watch her look for them and give them smiles and kisses.

Here's her trade mark look these days.  She's learned it always gets a smile from people and usually a laugh too:

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Bonnie said...

Love the picture of Ellie between Nate & Katie with the book!