Monday, March 19, 2012

When It Rains...

Friday I had need to run to the grocery store. After 15 minutes of, "Please go get your shoes and socks," and "Please put on your shoes and socks," and "Please come here so I can put on your shoes and socks," and "Please come back here so we can go!" We made our way to the garage, just in time for a huge deluge.

So, I sent the kids back into the house to wait for this rain to pass. Once the rain changed from raining cats and dogs into just raining cats, we finally left for the store. The littles did not appreciate getting wet at all. We make our way into the store and the dripping little goobers decided they must have the ginormaous cart with the car on front. So I pushed the monstrosity around as I picked up the three things we needed. We made our way back home, amid more whining that they were melting.

When we got home, I pulled part way into the garage, so as to fetch an ice chest that is blocked once the van is parked. I turned the van off, but immediately tried to restart it, as I was going to pull it in five seconds later. It didn't start, so I went to get said ice chest. When I came back the van did start, but the dashboard was not working. The odometer was blank, the gauge for tank I had just filled said E, and my speedometer stubbornly read 0 MPH, when I clearly made it to at least 3 MPH pulling it into the garage.

Like any sensible house wife with plans to head to my parents that afternoon, I fed the children. Then I called my husband so he would be prepared to make a quick repair in the evening. I called my mother to let her know I would likely be late. Then after I got my littles all tucked away for quiet time I took my phone to the garage to call my Daddy to see if he could talk me through finding the problem. I started the van...and it worked. Whew.

When Justin go home though, we found that the check engine light was on, so he disconnected the battery, reconnected it and the light that must have been tripped earlier went away.

Lesson learned...don't take the kids to the store in the rain...yeah.

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KentuckyGam said...

We were so glad that your problem fixed itself and you were able to make the trip without any additional problems. Love you!!