Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Primary Election

Yesterday was Super Tuesday. Justin was off, so I decided I'd go stand in line all by myself. Only one problem with my little plan. There was no line. There were three voting booths, at least 10 volunteers, and I was the only voter in there. The ONLY voter?!

I keep my blog pretty apolitical, so without endorsing a candidate or party, let me get up on my soap box. People fought and died so we could vote. People are still fighting and dying to protect our freedoms, including that right. And women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years. How can we be so complacent?

I know many would say, "It's just a primary," but honestly...for both parties here there were offices at stake. The republicans chose someone to run against the current President. The democrats had some judgeships to decide. I only looked at the ticket for yesterday (for both parties, as in TN the primaries are open--you may chose to vote in either the republican or democratic primary, regardless your political affiliation). If those democratic judge candidates are uncontested by a republican in November, the primary may have decided who will be sitting on the bench. Even if that is not the case, just as in the republican presidential primary, getting the best person in the November election is important. It can determine the party who will take the office--because one candidate has better overall appeal than another from the same party.

Please exercise your right to vote whenever you have the opportunity. I hope to see you at the polls, even if we are just there to cancel each other out.


KentuckyGam said...
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KentuckyGam said...

I am so proud of you for exercising your right to vote. Too many times we take for granted our freedoms and unfortunately, due to apathy, we may just lose some of them. I have voted many times when there was no one else, or only 1 or 2 others at the polling place. It is rare to find a line at our polling place. But I'll be there on May 22nd to vote in our state's primary election.