Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning about baby

I got Kate a couple of books about babies at the library. One is about what babies are like after they are born and how they develop (Babies: All You Need to Know). She had decided that the baby will play hide-and-seek with her, so I thought a little education would be appropriate! The other is about when baby is in utero (Before You Were Born). She is fascinated with it. She asks about what the baby is doing all day long now! I told her as baby grows larger I’ll be able to tell her more, but for now I only get a few kicks a day, not like it will be later when we can figure out where different body parts are and when baby is doing flips. I’m so glad that she’s excited about the new addition. It makes the transition easier, knowing she’s happy about it.

Plus it gives us some great Kate-isms:

"Is there a rubber ducky in there?" (The book gives the example that it's like a bathtub.)

"Baby, what are you eating? You don't understand that do you?"

Patting me on the back, "I'm patting the baby on the back too."

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