Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Non-resolutions list...

Here’s the first update. I’ve received all the paperwork back from the registrar’s office with my official, sealed, transcript, my sealed documentation that I got a real degree from a school that says they taught me basic stuff (like I took English), and my sealed proof that I actually taught in Kentucky. Actually I guess I don’t know what I got, since they’re all in sealed envelopes, but they look like they came from the right places at least.

Today I took my girls to the police station to have myself fingerprinted. I’ve done this before for teaching positions, no big deal—roll my fingers in some ink. Nope. They’ve digitized it. I’m sure this makes crime fighting faster and easier, but it took so long. The computer didn’t like my right ring finger at all. It was 12 tries. No joke. With my three year old and one year old sitting there. Thankfully they were as good as gold, and the officer was quite nice.

Now my packet is off to the state department of education, so hopefully the nice lady that I talked to was right and they will give me a certificate with my valid, but out of date license from Kentucky. She said that it wouldn’t be a problem.

My first year teaching...I shared that messy desk with two instructional assistants and our sign language interpreter (two of them pictured to my left).

As for the rest of the list…Kate now knows “k” and “t”. I’ve slacked this week—yesterday was grocery day and today was MOPS and errands. We worked on scissor skills today though, so that should be worth about three letters right there. Right? No? Okay, we’ll get back to work tomorrow. Justin and I have had one game night and one movie night.


Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Good for you! Resolutions are hard aren't they?

Kristy said...

We're making our way through them. Thanks for the comment!