Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Girls

A friend came by the other day while Kate was napping, so it was just the two of us with Gabby. She commented on how quiet Gabby was being that day and I chuckled. Nope, this is just Gabby. It’s hard for people to notice much about her when Kate’s always around stealing the show.

We don’t notice Gabby quietly studying a toy by turning it over and over in her hands, or that she sat still for 15 minutes examining the knots on the knotted quilt. She likes to take things apart. She can empty her bookshelf in no time at all. She’s also good at finding the slightest imperfection in said books and pulling it, ripping the book. She can stack rings and put items into a shape sorter. She’s walking. All those things are in the normal range for this age, but they are all things that Kate didn’t do at this age. Kate was busy talking. To me. Her Daddy. The person pushing the next cart in the grocery aisle. It’s so interesting how two children can be so different. So altogether different.

God granted us two children who will not be the same, but will compliment each other. This will of course mean that over the years there will be strife, when they have differing views, but He knew what He was doing when He sent us our Kate and then our Gabriella, who isn’t quite so gabby, despite what we may call her. They love each other dearly. Besides, this way Kate gets to do most of the talking and Gabby lets her sister distract us while she takes things apart. They already have it all figured out.

Contemplating an ornament.

Psalm 139

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