Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Today being the first day of the New Year I was thinking of things I would like to accomplish this year… I’m not a resolutions type of gal, but I do have some things I would like to get done, okay, so it sounds like a list of resolutions, huh?

1. Obtain my local teaching license. If I do it now it’s good for five years and I don’t have to take any classes to get it.

2. Teach Kate to recognize all the letters of the alphabet. 3 down 23 to go! (The letter of the week is ‘K,’ by the way.)

3. Play more games. Justin and I have a stack (and by stack I mean shelves full) of games that we never find the time to play. Now that the girls are fairly consistently sleeping at night I want us to start playing some of them in the evenings.

Happy New Year!!!

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