Thursday, June 26, 2008


We’re planning a short trip to Missouri to visit with some friends. What a blessing to get to see friends, when we’re out here all by our lonesomes (I know it’s not a word.). They are so much fun. They are truly godly people, who have a marriage that really is a blessing to observe. They have two little girls too. It will be fun, since the last time we were together we were expecting our ‘second round’ of babies. Now those kiddos can play together.

Justin met Mike when they were in school together. Some how more than thirteen years later these guys can meet up once a year or so and pick up where they left off. I’m not sure how they do it—there’s a whole group of these guys. They have all been married, some of us have children (six girls, not a blessed boy in the bunch), but we all still keep in contact. We’ve moved several times and we always manage to work it out to see at least some of these guys once a year.

I graduated a couple of years after Justin and I have only managed to keep in touch with one of those girls, and we have only seen each other a few times since I got married. I wonder what the difference is. Really it doesn’t make sense. I’m often the one that talks to or emails the wives. I wonder why it didn’t work out that way with me and my high school girl friends. I just some how left that part of my life behind and I didn’t even mean to.

Well, thanks for letting me join your group guys! I love you all. And I can't wait to visit with you all soon.

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