Wednesday, June 18, 2008


There are no words adequate to describe being a mother. You can go from pure joy, to amusement, to embarrassment, and even anger in milliseconds. My children bring me such joy and such trials all at the same time, and often they are all mixed up in each other.

There is the snuggliness (I know it's not a word) of picking up a warm baby after a nap. There is the excitement of each new first, tinged with the realization your baby is quickly growing up. While you are happy that all is well with your little one, you sometimes want to hold them there, just for a little while longer. There’s the anger when they blatantly ignore you. The embarrassment when they declare to the world, what is altogether obvious, but social moirés demand we ignore. There is the total panic when, even if just for a second, you think they are lost or hurt. Then there’s the contentment in holding them safely in your arms.

I am grateful for my little blessings.

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