Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Induce Vomiting...

WARNING: a tad gross

Did you know that eating straight salt and pepper induces vomiting? Of course you don’t. Who would ever even think about such an odd thing?

This morning I was playing with my really neat new camera that my mom sent me. Gabby was down for a nap and Kate was playing quietly at her play table. I looked over to check on her and she looked really ill. At first I thought she was choking. Her color was off, but she wasn’t turning blue. She came to me and then puked into my hands. I carried all the barf that I could hold and walked her to the bathroom.

So after getting her cleaned up a bit and the vomiting subsided I asked her the obvious question, “What did you do?”

“Salt,” she answers.

“No, Kate did you eat something.”

She looked confused and said, “Salt,” again.

I shook my head and went on, she obviously didn’t know what caused this. Then I walked to the living room and found that she had indeed taken the salt and pepper shakers from the kitchen table and poured more than a healthy dose onto some of her play food. She had actually eaten straight salt.

Only a two year old, only my two year old.

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