Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lazy Groceries

One of the big box stores with a grocery started a program here where they will shop for you.  You load up your virtual cart, pick a time, and you drive up to get your groceries brought to your car.  It has been available for a few months, but in the epitome of summer time laziness, the kids and I decided to try it this week.  Instead of spending our morning at the store, we went to the pool.

It was quite easy, and the ladies who came out were the two friendlies employees I've met in my five years shopping at this particular store.  While it will certainly keep one from impulse buying, it also means that those things you don't generally put on your list, just pick up as a matter of rote, might be bread for the children's sandwiches...  I did find that our salad in a bag was a bit wilty and went out of date sooner than I wished.  I also wished there was a place to specify what I wanted my produce to be like.  I did expect that might be an issue, so I wasn't really surprised there.

There was one unexpected hitch.  As we pulled away with the three oldest so happy not to have to walk those aisles this week, the little one began to wail, "Wanna go IN da grocery!"

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