Thursday, June 23, 2016


With the help of a date calculator, I found that at this point in my life, I have known my husband half of the days I have breathed.  Every day after this is more--we will have spent most of my days together.  Admittedly it took a few more days to become 'us.'  But 6,885 days ago, I met the man to share my dreams, father my children, and love me.

Here's to another 6,885 days!

 Engaged (1998)

 Wedding (1999)

 My graduation from college (2001)

 friend's wedding (2002)

 Baby Katie (2005)

 Little Gabby (2008)

 Welcome home Nate (2009)

(Feb. 2010)

(July 2010)

4th of July (2011)

 Baby Ellie (2013)

Vacation (2015)



1 comment: said...

Hardly seems possible! Glad you found "the one."