Monday, June 20, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

Life has a way of bouncing right back to busyness.  We're back to Justin working regular hours every day, and a calendar that is increasingly covered in blue ink.

Today the big ones had their first swimming lesson of the summer.  We opted to join the pool this summer.  We didn't schedule a vacation this year, and thought we'd do this instead.  It allows them to have regular access to the pool so they can practice their skills.  They were all allowed in the deep end for lessons because they could all float long enough to pass a test, so that's better than where two of them left off last year!

I took Elle to play in the water for a bit while the bigs were in lessons.  She's not so sure about putting her face in the water or even kicking her feet behind her.  For now, we're just working on getting her to think being in the water is okay.  She has a death grip on me right now, but at least she's in the water, which is an improvement over even bath time a couple of months ago.  She did think it was funny that a little boy grabbed my arm and asked for a ride to the steps.

We'll see how much they all gain this year!

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