Monday, February 23, 2015


Oh my!

I'm not sure if I forgot or if toddler 4.0 is just a bit more challenging--due to her personality and the ages of the sibs.

I am so grateful that we have older kids, as they can be so helpful, but of course they have many more breakable things, and teeny tiny choking hazard things, and more school work to do this time around.  It is just a different animal having a one year old with a nine year old than it is a one year old with a three year old.

We've actually taken to removing all the chairs from the dining room.  Every time an assignment is complete or a meal is finished all of the chairs have to be taken out so that Ellie doesn't climb on top of the table.  Nate did his fair share of climbing, but he could at least get back down.  Not Elle.  She just falls off.  Yikes!  We've gotten pretty good at catching her.

The garbage can sits on a chair to keep her from dumping the contents.  She's been known to just shove it out of the chair, dumping it, but that only happened once and the digging was averaging more than once an hour, so we'll say we're winning for the moment!

She is busy, active, and learning so much about the world around her.  But if you need me, I'll be rescuing her or something for the next year or so!