Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Wonderland

The world around us has gotten rather cooler than usual.  We spent several days watching the forecast seeing the expected totals of snow and ice oscillate between 1" and 11" and back again.

By Sunday afternoon, we decided we were actually going to get some snow.  Justin ran out with Kate for a sled.  They couldn't find any, but they did find a river tube.

We woke Monday with a bit of a disappointment.  Justin checked and his school was still listed as open.  By the time he was out of the shower, the situation had changed and he was home for the day. 

Someone missed out!


We had two days home with him.

The second day he and some neighbors cleared out the street and people's driveways.

This morning we wake to snow falling on top of our ice.  He had a delay, and couldn't get out on his first attempt up the hill with the fresh snow, but got to go in to work a little later than his normal start time.  The rest of us are safely home.  My normal shopping day is Monday, so we've made do with odds and ends of food we keep around and are emptying out our pantry.  We'll do a good restock in a few days when the temperatures melt the mess.

We have been so thankful to have kept our electricity, despite the ice, and that we have food and supplies to keep us comfortable.  We are awfully blessed!

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