Monday, July 29, 2013

To Do Before Due

The weeks keep ticking by...about 7 weeks now.

I have a little list I'm working on putting together so I can check off items before this little gal arrives.  I fully intend to school up until she decides to come out and play, but I'd like not to have a lot else on my plate the last few weeks, so the time is growing short even faster.

I need to pack hospital bags for me (and Justin--since I need to be sure he has food and a meter with him this time) and one for the kids with things to keep them busy and fed for awhile.

I want to clean out our upstairs freezer.  It tends to be where leftovers go, so if they get forgotten, they may languish there.

I want to sew a pair of baby shoes from a pattern I picked up.

I want to fill our freezer with several more meals to have after baby comes home.  One can only eat spaghetti (even with homemade sauce) so many times.

I want to do all the prep work on her birth announcements so I can put them together quickly.

I want to stock up on some of the things a household needs to run, so I don't actually have to remember to buy toothpaste for a month or so.

And Justin has to put the carseat in.

I think the bags and carseat are our only needs at the moment, so we're in good shape!

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