Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting Ready

I tend not to be a procrastinator.  So we're 11 weeks from our due date and I have very little left to do as far as baby goes--I guess it helps that there was never a lot to do in the first place!

We bought a carseat, since I had a coupon that was going to expire.  After reading a lot of reviews on the quality of the fabric used to line the less expensive choices, we went with a higher weight allotment, so baby girl doesn't sit in something that makes her uncomfortable.  That may also buy us enough time in Nate's current car seat that we will move him to a booster--we'll see.  I'm not in a huge rush to put him a booster.

I bought her a coming home outfit.  Since she'll be living in hand-me-downs almost exclusively for the first year, I thought she should have something all her own.  We have a special blanket for her, as all the other littles have had their own.  My mother got her a lovey--the others all have different styles/colors of the same toy, but they aren't made anymore, so hers is different.

I think the only big thing I have left to do is pack hospital bags.  We have to move rooms, so I'll have a bag for L&D and a bag with our going home clothes and  all packed separately so it can be brought up later.  I also need to pack a bag of distractions for the munchkins, so that they have something to keep them busy and fed.  Justin will wait to install the carseat until 'term' at 36 weeks or so, even though we don't expect an early arrival.

I keep wondering if I'm forgetting something, but I don't think so.  She has carseat, diapers, wipes, and clothes.  There is a Moses basket (and eventually a crib) for sleeping in.  We have all sorts of baby toys, an infant tub, a pack & play, a bouncer, a swing, a jumper, a high chair, two booster seats for the table, and a boppy--all things we don't need but have from before or were passed on by a friend.

Now we just need the baby!


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