Friday, July 26, 2013

More than a Trim

I gave Kate a hair cut.  She didn't want it done, but after trying to get her to take care of it, or at least letting me take care of it, I had to do something.

I cut about half of her length and removed all the old layers from her previous hair cut.

She didn't appreciate it, but it is so much easier to care for and hopefully she'll find that as she takes care of it short she will gain the skills over time to care for it as it grows.

And my child who can't let anything go made this from the trimmings:

She calls it her twin.

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Jo-Anne said...

I was just the same at her age. I had really long hair, but it was tough to manage. Even though I wasn't too happy when my mom finally cut it either, it definitely turned out to be a lot better. I think she looks super cute with her new haircut. :)