Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sugar, Sugar

I'm not sure why I dreaded it so, but I was sure I would fail my glucose tolerance test.  I never have before, well I failed the screening the first time (I listened to the eat something 3 hours before and evidently hadn't gotten rid of all the glucose in the sandwich and fruit I had for lunch before the test), but I passed the full three hour test that time.  The tech at the hospital, for that three hour test) gave me the wise advice to just always schedule for the morning, so I would have fasted over night.  I passed this time too!  Yay.  I can continue to eat fruit this summer!

I had the blood draw yesterday morning and when I got to my email this morning there was a note that I had a message from my midwife on the secure website.  I groaned--no news is good news, really fast must mean bad, right?  And this was sent at 7:00 last night, not even 12 hours had passed.  Evidently the lab and midwife are just both very efficient.

We still have 13 (or 14 or even 15) weeks to go, but everything has gone smoothly so far.  I am quite grateful.  I am also grateful for strawberries!

I've liked several of the midwives in the practice.  It is a very large practice, so I'm still making my rounds trying to meet a few more.  I know that no one will be like the midwife we had in Kansas who was willing to come in even if she wasn't scheduled, but we are glad to have midwifery care so close.  Many people drive in from out of state because they are so wonderful, and I only have 20 minutes to go when the traffic is good.

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Glad everything was fine. See you tomorrow!!