Thursday, June 20, 2013


I can't decide if that is a lot or just a drop in the bucket, but it is where we are today.  We've completed 10% of 'next' school year--and we have 18 days toward the fall term to spend with the baby when she arrives.  As of tomorrow, we'll be 20% finished with history and we will be 14% finished with science.  We're keeping bar graphs of this year to teach that skill, so that's why I know all of our percentages!

Today isn't exactly a typical day, but here is how it was laid out:  We started the day before 8:00 because we had places to go.  We went through spelling, math, writing, and Kate's grammar.  Then we piled into the van and headed to a park.  Usually we meet friends there, but no one else came today--boo.  Since no one else showed, we left after an hour and headed to the library.  The kids all love books.

We came home and I made lunch.  They ate, and then I sent them off for quiet time.  I love quiet time.  I used to use to to get things done...  right now I use it to rest.

We did history this afternoon, Kate worked on her missed spelling words, and they looked at library books. Between the park and the fact we did two science lessons on our last school day, we passed on it today.  They had a snack and then they are on to free time.  Miss Kate is reading away and after some time reading Gabby and Nate are upstairs playing together.  I have dinner cooking and Justin is working late this afternoon and will be home after dinner time.


Jo-Anne said...

Sounds like a busy day, but fun with getting a lot of things done! =D

Kristy said...