Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Funny--The Joke is on Me

I still hand write checks.  I know most people do it all online, but I just never have switched over completely.  I have some things auto-deducted, and maybe now I should do a little more of that...

Call 1: This morning I got an automated phone call from the water company that I had not made my last payment.  I flipped through my checkbook register and found the check number.

Call 2: Knowing that automated systems occasionally have errors, I called to confirm.  The representative told me to contact my bank about the check because they had no record of it.

Internet: I paid the water bill online with late fees and convenience fee, so we wouldn't have to worry about a disconnect.

Call 3:  I called my bank, assuming the check had been lost in the mail.  I was assured that the check had cleared (and on the day after I mailed it no less).  It did not appear fraudulent.

Call 4:  I called the water company back to determine where to have the cancelled check faxed.

Call 5: I called the bank and requested a copy of the check be sent to the water company.

Call 6: The water company supervisor called to tell me they received the cancelled check...but the stamp on the back wasn't theirs.  It belonged to the electric company (I also wrote a check to them that day).  So my bank, who has by now paid this check and pulled up the cancelled check TWICE has yet to see the error.

Call 7: I called the electric company to see about paying any additional charges (as my water bill is less than electricity).  I was told they put a note on the account and that I could just pay the rest of the charge with my next bill, as I would have to pay a convenience fee to make a phone payment.  There is no late fee, since I did pay my bill on time, sort of--you know with a too small check written to the wrong company.

At least we still have water and electricity and everything has been sorted out now--I just evidently lost half of my brain somewhere.

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