Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

It's a time of year where we are starting to look forward to the finishing of the school year. Spring Break is around the corner, next week we reach the 75% point of our school year, and the sun is finding us outside more often. I am starting to look out for next year's curriculum. Most of what we've done has been working. One of my concerns is that it suddenly dawned on me, my habit of making up our grammar sheets to go with whatever Kate has struggled with and teaching some lessons as we are ready for them, while it has worked great, is not going to continue working when we have two more children ready for school too. So, I'm going to be exploring a more structured, pre-planned approach for grammar.

This Year...
So far:
Math: finished Singapore 1A & 1B
Science: animal unit completed, currently in anatomy unit
Social Studies: Story of the World (Vol. 1) chapters 1-31
Reading: 2nd McGuffey Reader, Little Women (aloud), lots and lots of library books
Grammar: parts of speech, month abbreviations, titles, address, punctuation
Writing/Handwriting: Writing with Ease weeks 1-27
Geography: Continents and Oceans

To go:
Math: begin Singapore 2A and finish memorizing addition facts (less than 10 to go!)
Science: finish anatomy, botany
Social Studies: complete chapters 32-42
Reading: beginning of 3rd reader
Grammar: eh, I take it as it comes
Writing/Handwriting: Write with Ease weeks 28-35
Geography: countries of North America (maybe South America too)

Next Year...
Math: Continue with Singapore. Memorize subtraction facts.
Science: geology, astronomy
Social Studies: Story of the World-Vol. 2 (Middle Ages)
Reading: 3rd McGuffey Reader
Grammar: go back to English for the Thoughtful Child, or Grammar Practice A, or Rod & Staff (decisions, decisions)
Writing/Handwriting: Writing With Ease, year 2
Geography: states, countries of Europe

For next year, I also want her to spend more time with the piano/keyboard and listening to more Latin in preparation for starting Latin in 3rd grade.

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