Monday, February 20, 2012

Change of Plans

School has been feeling stale for Kate lately. She's not been resting well and she's been reticent about doing her work. I decided to try to start something new on Friday. I started by having Kate (and the other littles) run before we started spelling.

There was a change. Instead of complaining that the work was too hard, she complained that she was too tired for the work. Ugh. So, we packed it in. I told her she'd have to make it up on Saturday. Instead of resting, she and her sibs trashed the family room. So once they cleaned up that mess, she had to sweep the floors, scrub them, and empty the little trash cans in the bathrooms. She thought that this was great fun...of course. And while my floors didn't really get clean, I didn't have to empty those trash cans. And we did get the school work done on Saturday.

Justin also decided that Friday was a good day to try something new. He called before the littles were up and said his car was broken. I woke the munchkins, loaded them up, took a pair of kitchen sheers and headed off to find my husband, who thankfully hadn't gotten too far. He was able to clip the shredded portion of his serpentine belt and nurse it home with me following him. He took the van to work and we made plans to fix it on Saturday. He rented the tool to make it easy and bought the new belt. Unfortunately the new belt was walking off, the same way as the old... Boo. The car has served us well. We've had it since 2002 or 3 and it is several years older than that. It leaks oil, the A/C can't hold Freon, and the blower has had to be replaced twice. It looks as though the car has come to the end of it's usable life, since the repair may be somewhat costly and since it is so old and likely to break again in another fun and exciting way.

We are lucky that Justin's parents do have a spare car to lend us, but it will be awhile before they can get it here. So, if you need me this week...I'll be here!

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