Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I picked up a pedometer. I figured I wasn't taking nearly the recommended 10,000 steps a day, so I'd see where I was and try to get up to that goal.

I was wrong. So far I've worn it for 5 full days. I didn't reach my 10,000 steps on Saturday (I didn't wear it on Sunday because of church.). I guess that's not a huge surprise, since I had someone to split all those trips to change diapers, check on children, and other things that are done upstairs. Oh, and I slept know, until seven.

Honestly, I was surprised by how much walking my daily life with the munchkin's affords me. I have passed 10,000 steps every week day so far. I do run an elliptical most days too, so that adds several steps to my total. I actually fit the 'active' range. Could someone tell that to my waistline, please?

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KentuckyGam said...

You do a lot better than me! I have to make an effort to walk MILES to get my 10,000. I park too close to my work, am too close to the restroom at work, and sit at my desk too many hours of the day. Then I get home and SIT with my computer in my lap. No one here that can't get what they want, plus he waits on me at times too.